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Start 2/5/2000

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MASAの京都大学後期入試直前 前期の英作文徹底分析 (その6)


平成15年 京大前期 英作文 V(1)


So many Europeans travel to the south in summer. Even really busy prime ministers manage to take a long vacation, and restaurants and hotels in tourist places during the busiest season are usually closed for their managers and workers to take holidays. It seems that summer vacation for them are far more important than Japanese think.

In Europe, so many people travel to the south in summer. A very busy leader of a country tries to take a long vacation. Even restaurants and hotels in tourist places in the busiest season often give bosses and workers long holidays. Japanese won't be able to understand how important their summer vacation is.

In Europe, a good many people travel to southern parts on summer vacation. The prime minister of a country, who is usually very busy, manages to take a long vacation. Not a few restaurants and hotels at tourist resorts, though summer is the busiest season for them, close for their managers and employees. The summer vacation for them seems to be important and indispensable beyond Japanese imagination.


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