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Start 2/5/2000

2001年8月7日 02時17分

”TOEFL 長文読解演習”

Directions: Read the following passage and choose the one best answer to each of the questions.

One of the most notorious gunfighters of the Old West was Wyatt Earp. Born in Monmouth, Illinois, he died an old man in Los Angeles in 1929.

Earp was one of a clan of brothers. He drove a stage and worked as a bartender and eventually became a gambler after starting as a farmer. While working as a marshal in Wichita, Kansas, he was caught stealing money. He then moved to Dodge City, Kansas, and became a deputy marshal. Therehe killed his first man, George Hoyt.

In 1879 he moved to Tombstone, Arizona. His brother Virgil was the marshal and Wyatt became his deputy. They were tough lawmen, a fact that eventually led to the gunfight at the O.K. Corral where the brothers killed three men. Friends of the dead men later crippled Virgil and killed another brother, Morgan. In revenge Earp killed Frank Stilwell and Indian Charlie. With a posse after him Wyatt fled to Nome, Alaska, later drifted to San Francisco and eventually ended up in Los Angeles.

Q1. Where was Wyatt Earp NOT a lawman?

A. Dodge City
B. Tombstone
C. Nome
D. Wichita

Q2. Who killed Indian Charlie?

A. George Hoyt
B. Virgil Earp
C. Frank Stilwell
D. Wyatt Earp

Q3. Why did Wyatt Earp leave Wichita?

A. He had killed a man.
B. To become a deputy marshal in Dodge.
C. He was caught stealing.
D. To find a good place to gamble.

Q4. Wyatt Earp could best described as

A. a cowardly gunfighter
B. a tough and sometimes dishonest lawman
C. a person who always sought revenge
D. a farmer and stage driver

Q5. What did Wyatt Earp do first?

A. Drive a stage
B. Gamble
C. Serve as a deputy
D. Farm

See Answers.