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Start 2/5/2000

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”駿台(すんだい)全国模試マニュアル”(その1) 英語100分;200点


1.Never (ア)in my life (イ)have I seen so (ウ)beautiful a picture (エ)like this.

2.It would be (ア)a shame to (イ)turn back (ウ)now that we have (エ)mostly reached the top of Mount Fuji.

3.I (ア)used to (イ)be opposed gambling, but (ウ)ever since I won a thousand dollars in the lottery, I'm all (エ)in favor of it.

4.I did not then know that (ア)in shooting an elephant one (イ)would shoot while visualizing an (ウ)imaginable line (エ)running from ear-hole to ear-hole.

5.Carbon dating, (ア)which requires that a small portion of the dated item (イ)be destroyed (ウ)offer archeollogists (ニ)an inexact but valuable means of identifying historical artifacts.
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