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Start 2/5/2000

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1. Let the fish (---1---) for half an hour before you add the wine.

A. to cook
B. cooking
C. cook
D. cooked

2. Don't you hate it when someone (---2---) before you've finished speaking?

A. hung up
B. hangs up
C. puts the telephone
D. cuts the phone

3. He put salt into the sugar bowl (---3---).

A. by an error
B. in a mistake
C. by mistake
D. at fault

4.My mother has become very (---4---) recently.

A. forgetful
B. absent-mind
C. negligence
D. forgetting

5. For reasons (---5---) I could not understood I felt happier among those people.

A. because
B. why
C. for
D. that

6. I (---6---) ten lines of Shakespeare by heart yesterday.

A. learned
B. remembered
C. studied
D. memorized

7. I was (---7---) of the dark as a child.

A. frightening
B. feared
C. frightful
D. frightened



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