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Start 2/5/2000

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2001年2月7日 21時03分

「失われた答案;関学受験の末に プラス 関関同立英作文


1.TA:What's wrong, Lara-chan?

Lara: I've sent my today's answers to a wrong FAX address! I believe I've sent YOU my answers, but it turned out I'd sent them to a total stranger in Kyoto. Worst day.

TA: Forget it. What has been done cannot be undone.(=覆水、盆に帰らず= It is no use crying over spilt milk.) Try not to make similar mistakes again.



All children will learn to do their best if they (空所).


The clerk stared at him (空所).


The accident was all the (空所).

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