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2003年5月4日 08時50分
May 4th(fourth;× forth; →back and forth=前後に),Sun. 2003
”R高校生向け、東大・京大英語入門!”(その1)[May 4th, Tues. 2003]

0.「このシリ−ズは TAhira とご縁のある皆様に・・・」と、考えていましたが、もう、R高校生、K女生とか、限定は止めて、行きたい人はどんどん「英語」に強くなっていただこうというものに、します。(この瞬間から・・・)


2.”R高校、新高1年生に告ぐ!”(その1)[April 29, 2003]のシリーズは、よく熟読のこと。高校1年生で「英語(だけ)得意」で、東大や京大へ行く人は、存在しない。




When the people of Lincoln's neighborhood engaged in dispute; whenever a bet was to be decided; when they differed on points of religion or politics; when they wanted to get out of trouble, or desired advice regarding anything on the earth, below it, above it, or under the sea, they went to "Abe."

Two fellows, after a hot dispute lasting some hours, over the problem as to how long a man's legs should be in proportion to the size of his body, stamped into Lincoln's office one day and put the question to him.

Lincoln listened gravely to the arguments advanced by both contestants, spent some time in "reflecting" upon the matter, and then, turning around in his chair and facing the disputants, delivered his opinion with all the gravity of a judge sentencing a fellow-being to death.

"This question has been a source of controversy", he said, slowly and deliberately, "for untold ages, and it is about time it should be definitely decided. It has led to bloodshed in the past, and there is no reason to suppose it will not lead to the same in the furure.

After much thought and consideration, not to mention mental worry and anxiety, it is my opinion, all side issues being swept aside, that a man's lower limbs, in order to preserve harmony of proportion, should be at least long enough to reach from his body to the ground.



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