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Start 2/5/2000

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2003年3月13日 02時12分
March the 13th, Thursday
"Welcome back, Mr. Kawahara (Chap.100)"

MASAの京都大学後期入試直前 前期の英作文徹底分析 (その13)
では、(1)に引き続き全部通して解答の例を記しておこうと思う。なお、接続詞の選択( though / but )や代名詞の重複( people / they )など、文と文のつながりを考えた結果、@〜Dでの内容と若干異なる部分もあるのでご了承いただきたい。

平成15年 京大前期 英作文 V(2)


If you give up your belief in your work soon, you won't be able to become an expert in the field. I might be a kind of person who doesn't change my mind easily as others say, but I think that's because I'm serious about my job. Though people who are willing to accept advice may be liked by others, it seems to be difficult for their work to satisfy everybody.

If you get easily satisfied with your work, you can't become a pro in the area. People often say that I won't change my mind easily, but I think they say so because I always do my best in my work. People who easily listen to advice from others may be very popular, but I don't think they can do their work very well.

I don't think that, if you tend to be inconsistent in your work, you can be a professional in the field. I am often told that I am obstinate, which I interpret as a kind of evaluation of my serious attitude toward work. A flexible person may be well thought of by others, but it seems to me that something is lacking in such a person in terms of his work.

いかがだっただろうか。さて、明日14日は泣いても笑っても京大後期試験の最終日。そして、いよいよ英語の試験の日でもあるわけだが、私の書いた英作文対策がなんらかの形でほんの少しでも受験生諸君のお役に立つことを願ってやまない。Good luck, guys!

追記:私がアメリカから帰国した2001年5月からこの“Welcome back, Mr.

しかし、さすがにこの記事のタイトルも色あせてきましたし、ちょうど区切りもいいと思うので、“Welcome back, Mr. Kawahara.”は今回で終了とさせてもらいます。そして次回からは装いも新たに、「川原が斬る about English」という新タイトルで、英語に関する四方山話を書き連ねていこうと思います。今後もごひいきにしていただきますよう宜しくお願い申し上げます。ではSee ya soon on this homepage!  MASA