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Start 2/5/2000



A: Don't worry, Harold. You'll do fine on the driving test.
B: No, I won't. I'll fail. I always fail. I can't remember anything.
A: Stop saying that. (--1--).

@We can never be sure.
AWho cares?
BThat's your best point.
CYou must have confidence.

A: Could you tell me where you put my book?
B: I didn't put it anywhere. Look in the living room.
A: I have looked.
B: (--2--) under the sofa cushions.

@All through?
AAll right?
BAll over?
CAll done?

A: You once said you didn't like Humphery Bogart.
B: When did I say that?
A: When we talked about "Casablanca ".
B: I never said that.
A: All right, fine. (--3--)?

@Have it your own way.
ATry to be reasonable.
BI never thought you would.
CThat's harsh.

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