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Start 2/5/2000

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2002年11月5日 00時29分
Nov.5th(fifth), Tues. 2002


問1)Can you tell the difference between rice grown in Japan and (-空欄1-)?


1. American one
2. one of America
正解)3.American rice
4. rice of America


問2)Poor Nancy! I bought the identical dress for $20 (-空欄2-).



1. little
3. few
4. fewer

問3)"That earthquake in Mexico happened a long time ago, didn't it?"

"No, it was (-空欄3-) last year."


解法)(空欄3)には、”つい最近の”="as recently as"が入る。

"No, it happened only recently. It happened as recently as last year."

正解)1.as recently as
2. recently as
3. as early as
4. early as

問4)"Have you sent the manager's letter?"

"No, not yet. I must have it (-空欄4-) first."


解法)”have + もの + 過去分詞”=「ものをVしてもらう」

1. sign
2. his signature
4. be signed

問5)Where in Australia (-空欄5-)?


解法)「育つ」="grow up"
「〜を育てる」="bring O up"

(空欄5)には、「育った」="did you grow up"が入る。

1. did you raise up
正解)2.did you grow up
3. were you risen up
4. were you grown up




問1)"(M------e)" means the treatment and study of diseases and injuries.

問2)Helen's husband was away for the week, so I thought I'd go over and keep her (c-----y).

問3)The journey there was terrible, but (----) we'd arrived we had a wonderful time.


問4)"How did you get to know Kathy?"

"I first met her at Emma's party.... We would never have got married if she (h....)(....) there."

問5)She may be lost, in (....) case we ought to look for her.

問6)"Do you think Ellen will come in time for the meeting?"

"(....) are that she'll be late as usual."

問7)I am (d....) to hear that you can't come to the party.