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Start 2/5/2000

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2002年11月5日 00時29分
Nov.5th(fifth), Tues. 2002


問1)Can you tell the difference between rice (g---n) in Japan and (A-------) (----) ?


問2)Poor Nancy! I bought the (id-------) dress for $20 (----).


問3)"That earthquake in Mexico happened a long time ago, didn't (--) ?"

"No, it was (--) (r-----ly) (--) last year."


問4)"Have you sent the manager's letter?"

"No, (---) (---). I must (----) it (s-----) first."


問5)Where in Australia (---) you (----) up ?





問1)"(Medicine)" means the (tr-------) and study of diseases and (i-----es).

問2)Helen's husband was away for the week, so I thought I'd go (----) and (----) her (company).

問3)The journey (th---) was terrible, but (once) we'd arrived we had a wonderful time.


問4)"How did you get to know Kathy?"

"I first met her at Emma's party.... We would (-----) have (---) married if she (hadn't)(gone) there."

問5)She may be lost, in (which) (c---) we ought to look (---) her.

問6)"Do you think Ellen will come in time for the meeting?"

"(Ch----s) are that she'll be late (--) (u----)."

問7)I am (de------ed) to hear that you can't (----) to the party.