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Start 2/5/2000

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Q:Look at the seven letters printed below. Answer each question by writing down one letter of the alphabet.[7min.]

G, E, B, A, C, D, F

1) Take the letter just in the middle. Put this letter upside down.
Remove the bar from the middle to form a new letter! What is this new letter?

2) Add a bar to one of the letters in this list to form another
letter also in the list. What is this other letter that is formed
this way?

3) From this list of seven letters take out the first, third, fifth and seventh letters. (You now have three letters only.) Now think of a letter and put it in front of the three remaining letters to form a word that stands for a part of your body. What letter did you add?

4) Rearrange the original seven letters and put them into alphabetical order starting from the left. What letter now comes last but one?

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