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Start 2/5/2000

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新春早稲田・慶応テスト (その1)[上級] 


(1)She (wore a cowboy hat to China).

1. wore a cowboy hat in China.
2. went to China wearing a cowboy hat.
3. was in China wearing a cowboy hat.
4. was wearing a cowboy hat in China

(2)Slowly he (pushed the door open).

1. opened the door by pushing
2. pushed the door by opening
3. opened the door to push
4. pushed the door to open

(3)He grabbed (Bonnie by the arm).

1. Bonnie by his arm
2. Bonnie's body by her arm
3. Bonnie's arm
4. Bonnie and her arm

(4)We haven't taken any steps (or) made any final determinations.

1. if we have
2. if we haven't
3. or we haven't
4. and we haven't

(5)"Can I talk to you for a minute?"
"Sure, (what about)?"

1. what do you want to talk to me about
2. what are you talking about
3. what shall I talk to you about
4. what about talking to me for a minute


4点/5のみOK! 問われているのは代入による『分析能力』

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