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Start 2/5/2000

正解→”京阪神大英文和訳ベーシック(その5)” [7〜10分]


第一段落)When the people of Lincoln's (1)(neighborhood) engaged in dispute; whenever a bet was to be decided; when they differed on points of (2)(religion) or (3)(politics)[POL-i-tics]; when they wanted to get out of trouble, or desired advice regarding (4)(anything) on the earth, below it, above it, or under the sea, (5)(they) went to "Abe."


第二段落)Two fellows, after a (6)(hot) dispute (7)(lasting) some hours, over the problem (8)(as) to how long a man's legs should be in (9)(proportion) to the size of his body, stamped (10)(into) Lincoln's office one day and put the question to him.


第三段落)Lincoln listened gravely (11)(to) the arguments (12)(advanced) by both contestants, (13)(spent) some time in "reflecting" upon the matter, and then, (14)(turning) around in his chair and facing the disputants, delivered his opinion with all the gravity of a (15)(judge) sentencing a fellow-being to death.