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Start 2/5/2000

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1. globe(グロゥブ)=「球;地球;地球儀」
→ global standard=「世界基準」;"global"(グロゥバル)=「世界規模の」
2. glove(グラヴ)=「手袋(てぶくろ);グローブ(a baseball 〜);グラブ(a boxing 〜)」

Our School Library
[出典:Linguaphone Junior English Course Textbook (約30年前の教材)]


This is our school library.
There are many books in the library.
There are about 5,000 books here.
The books are on the book shelves.

In our library we may go to the book shelves.
We may pick out our favorite books from the shelves.
We may read them in the library.
We may also borrow them.
We may take them home and read them at home.

Now, this is the magazine section.
There are twenty monthly magazines and several weeklies here.
There are some daily newspapers, too.

We are now in the reference corner.
In the reference corner, there are maps, atlases(AT-las=アトラスィズ), dictionaries, encyclopedias(エンサィクロゥピーディァz), and yearbooks.
Many of the reference(レファレンス) books are big and heavy.

We cannot borrow reference books.
Reference books must not leave the library.
We have to use them in the library.

In the hall you can see a big (g----).
The (g----) is (----) taller than you are.
(W---) the (g----) we can study the oceans, continents, islands, and countries of the world.

You can see students at the reading tables.
They are reading their favorite books.
They may be reading their homework.
Some must be studying new lessons.
Others must be reviewing(リヴューインg) old lessons.

In the library we have to keep quiet.
We must not make noise.
We always have to think (--) other people.

Our school has another kind of library.
It is a tape library.
A tape library does not have books.
It has tapes.
There are two kinds of tapes---open tape and casette tape.
They are language tapes.
We may listen to them in the language laboratory(ラボラタリィ).
We may also borrow them (---) practice at home.

Oh, here comes our librarian(li-BRAR-i-an=ライブレィリアン).
She helps us (w---) books.
She gives us advice about reading.
She checks out books and checks them (--).
She gives us book cards.
She (h---s) us books.
She also tells us all about public libraries.
She is always helpful to us.


正解)globe, globe, much, With, globe; of, for, with, in, hands(手渡す)

TA追記)Learning should be fun.(TA)