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Start 2/5/2000

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2003年5月11日 22時25分
May 11th(eleventh) Sun. 2003;03年度河合塾第1回全統マーク模試!

[復習=REVIEW=レヴュー] 空所に適語を1語ずつ入れよ。


When the people of Lincoln's (1)(n-------hood) engaged in dispute; (2)(when----) a bet was to be decided; when they differed on points of (3)(re--gion) or (4)(pol----s); when they wanted to get out of (5)(tr-----), or desired (6)(ad----) regarding (7)(---thing) on the earth, below it, above it, or under the sea, they went to (8)("---").
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Two (9)(fe----s), after a (10)(---) dispute (11)(l---ing) some hours, over the problem as to how long a man's (12)(---s) should be in (13)(pro---tion) to the (14)(----) of his (15)(---y), stamped (16)(----)
Lincoln's office one day and (17)(---) the question to him.


(18)(L------) listened gravely to the (19)(ar--ments) advanced by both contestants, (20)(sp---) some time in "reflecting" upon the matter, and then, (21)(t---ing) around in his chair and (22)(f--ing) the disputants, delivered his opinion (23)(----) all the gravity of a (24)(j----) sentencing a fellow-being to death.


After much (25)(th-----) and (26)(con-----ation), (27)(---) to mention mental worry and anxiety, it is my opinion, all (28)(----) issues being swept aside, (29)(----) a man's lower (30)(l---s), in (31)(-----) to preserve (32)(h-----y) of proportion, should be at least long (33)(------) to reach from his body to the ground.

TA追記) "Are you joking[=kidding]?" "No, I'm serious."