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Start 2/5/2000

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2003年5月6日 01時24分
May 6th(sixth) Tues. 2003
”R高校生向け、東大・京大英語入門!”(その3)[May 6th, Tues. 2003]

0. 第1段落(=パラグラフ=pAragraph)と最終段落だけでも、読んでみよう。


When the people of Lincoln's neighborhood engaged in dispute; whenever a bet was to be decided; when they differed on points of religion or politics; when they wanted to get out of trouble, or desired advice regarding anything on the earth, below it, above it, or under the sea, they went to "Abe."



"This question has been a source of controversy", he said, slowly and deliberately, "for untold ages, and it is about time it should be definitely decided. It has led to bloodshed in the past, and there is no reason to suppose it will not lead to the same in the furure.

After much thought and consideration, not to mention mental worry and anxiety, it is my opinion, all side issues being swept aside, that a man's lower limbs, in order to preserve harmony of proportion, should be at least long enough to reach from his body to the ground.

3."This question(この問題は) has been(=ずっと〜でした) a source of controversy"(「論争の源」), he said, slowly and deliberately(=ゆっくり且つ慎重に), "for untold ages(=数え切れないほどの期間に渡って), and it is about time(=そしてそろそろ〜の頃です) it should be definitely decided(それ[=この問題]が明確に決着つけられるべき). It(=それ[=この問題]) has led to bloodshed(=流血沙汰=りゅうけつざた) in the past(=過去に), and there is no reason to suppose(=そして推測すべき理由がありません) it(=それ=この問題) will not lead to the same(=同じ(流血沙汰)に導かないだろうと) in the furure(=将来に=未来に).

4.After much thought and consideration(=かなりの考えと熟慮の後に), not to mention mental worry and anxiety(=精神上の心配や不安は言うに及ばず), it is my opinion(=私の意見ですが), all side issues being swept aside(全ての副次的問題は払いのけておいて), that a man's lower limbs(=人間の下肢[=かし]は), in order to preserve harmony of proportion(=近郊の調和を保持すべきためにも), should be(=〜べきであろう) at least(=少なくとも) long enough(=長くあるべきだ) to reach from his body to the ground(彼の胴体から地面まで届くほど).


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