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Start 2/5/2000

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問)(空所)に適当な(=suitable)1語を入れよ。但し don't は1語、do notは2語と数える。また文字数は示されていない。(7分)

(1)"I like this photograph. Your children look really cute."
"Thanks. I had (--1--)(d--2--) at a studio."

(2)"Do I have to make an appointment to see the doctor?"
"No, it (--3--)(n--4--). When you go in, just give your name. Then wait until you're called."

(3)"I'm still thirsty. Is there anything to drink?"
"Well, there is (--5--)(--6--) apple juice in the refrigerator."

(4)"John (--7--)(--8--) like the fried rice."
"He sure does! That's his third helping."

(5)"What did you think of last night's game?"
"The team played well, but they (--9--)(--10--) better in the first twenty minutes."

(6)"May I use your phone."
"Sure, (--11--)(a--12--). I'm not expecting any calls right now."

(7)"I'm not used to this computer. Do you (--13--)(--14--) know a person who could tell me how to use it?"
"Oh, Mr. Suzuki uses this machine all the time."

(8)Mr. Roberts did not choose any of the three jackets because he found (--15--)(--16--) them satisfactory.

(9)Although my trip to Hokkaido was very (t--17--), I enjoyed it.

(10) "Our trip to Tokyo was fun, wasn't it?"
"Yes, it was great! I'm looking forward (--18--)(--19--) there again sometime!"