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Start 2/5/2000

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新春センターテスト (その3)[BASIC COURSE](ベィスィックコース) 

(1)"I like this photograph. Your children look really cute." "Thanks. I had (--1--) at a studio."

@done it Ait does Bit done Cit to do

(2)"Do I have to make an appointment to see the doctor?"
"No, it (--2--). When you go in, just give your name. Then wait until you're called."

@doesn't have to  Aisn't necessary
Bisn't wanted    Cmust not

(3)"I'm still thirsty. Is there anything to drink?"
"Well, there is (--3--) apple juice in the refrigerator."

@a few  Aa few of
Ba little C a little of

(4)"John (--4--) to like the fried rice."
"He sure does! That's his third helping."

@dares Alooks Bseems Cwants

(5)"What did you think of last night's game?"
"The team played well, but they (--5--) better in the first twenty minutes."

@could've done Adidn't do
Bhadn't done   Cmust've done

(6)"May I use your phone."
"Sure, (--6--). I'm not expecting any calls right now."

come about Ago ahead
B put it on   Ctake it up

(7)"I'm not used to this computer. Do you (--7--) to know a person who could tell me how to use it?"
"Oh, Mr. Suzuki uses this machine all the time."

@happen Amanage Bsee Cwant

(8)Mr. Roberts did not choose any of the three jackets because he found (--8--) them satisfactory.

@both of them  Aeither of
Bneither of    Cnone of

(9)Although my trip to Hokkaido was very (--9--), I enjoyed it.

@excited Aexciting Btired Ctiring

(10) "Our trip to Tokyo was fun, wasn't it?"
"Yes, it was great! I'm looking forward (--10--) there again sometime!"

@go Agoing Bto go Cto going

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